HHI Advanced Training Academy

 Homestead Helicopters Advanced Training Academy’s mission is to provide superior training for the professional helicopter pilot in order to maximize safety, proficiency, and risk mitigation in mountain, utility, and forestry operations. 

 The US Forest Service, Department of the Interior, and private sector have identified the tasks of Vertical Reference and Mountain Flying to be an environment that requires structured advanced training, comprehensive understanding, and achievement of a high proficiency level to operate safely in the Natural Resource Arena. HHI ATA has developed state of the art training programs for the professional pilot. These programs/courses were designed by the Retired USFS National Helicopter Standardization Pilot in conjunction with Homestead Helicopters’ President/Director of Operations combining for decades of operational and advanced training experience. This combination has produced structured and comprehensive courses that enable government agencies and private companies alike a revolutionary, turnkey option for training pilots in vertical reference, mountain flying and helicopter fire fighting tactics and techniques. 

 HHI ATA courses utilize "one on one" instruction with a combination of power point, video, comfortable class rooms and modern mission ready turbine aircraft to deliver a clear, easy to understand lesson plan. Based at our 10,000 sq. foot facility in Missoula, MT with a base elevation of 3200’ msl., each flight will take place in the high-density altitude mountain environment surrounding Missoula, which features peaks in excess of 9,000’ msl. This structure allows us to maximize our hands-on personalized training in typical mountainous terrain from take-off to landing.  

Available Courses

1) Basic Helicopter Mountain Flying

2) Introduction to basic Vertical   


3) Rotor Craft External Load / VTR Long 


4) VTR Long Line Refresher

Feel Free to contact us for more information on individual courses, price and availability.  

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Available Courses

All Courses are Part 61, meet and follow the USFS / DOI standards.

BHMFT (pdf)


Intro Basic VTR (pdf)




VTR-Refresher (pdf)


Course Rates

ATA Course Prices 4.18.19 (pdf)